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     The Material Testing Laboratory at Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University  provides basic testing services as follows,

  1. Mechanical testing of construction materials
  2. Calibration of testing machines and equipments
  3. Soil testing
  4. Asphalt testing
  5. Fire endurance testing
  6. Nondestructive testing


List of testing services provided by Material Testing Laboratory

Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University

(updated July 18, 2013)

I. Construction materials

1. Cement

1. Fineness test

2. Specific gravity test

3. Compressive strength of mortar test (3 samples)

4. Tensile strength test (3 samples)

5. Normal consistency and Initial setting time test

6.Flow table test

7. Soundness test (by autoclave test)

2. Fine and coarse aggregates

1. Soft particles

2. Clay lumps

3. Soundness test

4. "10" Percent fine value (BS)

5. Crushing value (BS)

6. Stripping test

7. Sand equivalent test

8. Elongation index

9. Flakiness index

10. Unit weight

11. Organic impurity test

12. Specific gravity and absorption test

13. Sieve analysis /coarse aggregate 10 kg/ fine aggregate 5 kg

14. Percentage passing sieve no.200

3. Concrete

1. Compressive strength test

2. Concrete bond test

3. Splitting tensile strength

4. Modulus of rupture

5. Modulus of elasticity

4. Concrete block

5. Concrete admixture

6. Concrete pipe

7. Structural Steel

1. Steel reinforcing bars

2. Steel plates

3. Bolts and nuts

8. Steel and cast iron

1. Direct shear test (single shear test / double shear test)

2. Brinell hardness test

3. Bending test

9. Prestressing wire and strand

10. Brick

1. Transverse and compressive test

2. Compressive and absorption test

11. Wood

1. Shear test of wood

2. Tensile and clevage test of wood

3. Hardness test of wood

4. Specific gravity and moisture test of wood

5. Impact test of wood

6. Bending test of wood

7. Compressive test of wood parallel to grain

8. Compressive test of wood perpendicular to grain

9. Withdrawal resistance

II. Calibration of testing machines

​1. Calibration of hydraulic jack, testing machine and load cell

2. Calibration of proving ring and dynamometer

3. Calibration of prestressing machine

III. Soil

1. Strength test

Unconfined compressive test

Direct shear test (3 samples)

Triaxial U.U.test (3 samples)

Triaxial C.U.test on clay (3 samples)

Triaxial C.D.test on clay (3 samples)

Direct simple shear test

2. Geotechnical properties

Unit weight and water content

Sieve analysis

Atterberg limits test

Relative density of sand

Bulk density and dry density

Permeability of sand

Hydrometer test

Permeability of clay (falling head)

3. Compaction test

Standard proctor

Modified proctor

C.B.R (with compaction)

Consolidation test

Field C.B.R test

Plate load test

IV. Asphalt

1. Asphaltic concrete


Stability and flow

Bitumen content

mix design

2. Asphalt properties

Loss on heating

Specific gravity

Furol viscosity

Flash point - fire point




Softening Point


Float test

Sieve test

Distillation of cutback asphalt

Distillation of emulsion

​​5. Fire endurance test

fire-rating partition

fire-rating doors

firestop/fire insulation

6. Others (e.g. nondestructive tests)


Schmidt hammer test

Ultrasonic test of concrete

Rebar location

Precast slab bending test



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